Editorial board of scientific journal ORIENS
SAIDOV SARVAR ATABULLO UGLI PHILOSOPHY SCIENCES Researcher of Imam Termizi International Research Center
TURAYEV LAZIZ ABDIVALI UGLI HISTORICAL SCIENCES (Uzbekistan - Tashkent) - doctor of philosophy (PhD) in historical Sciences, Head of the Department for the organization of research activities of gifted students of TSUOS
USMANOV FARHOD LAPASOVICH PHILOSOPHY SCIENCES (Uzbekistan-Tashkent) - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philosophical sciences, Senior lecturer of the Department of Social Humanities of Tashkent State University of Economics
Dr. BURKHANOVA LEYLA MARIUSOVNA LEGAL SCIENCES (Uzbekistan-Tashkent) - PhD in Law, Professor of the Department of Civil Law of the Tashkent State Law University
NAVRUZOVA GULCHEHRA NEGMATOVNA PHILOSOPHICAL SCIENCES (Uzbekistan-Bukhara) - doctor of philosophy, professor of the Department of "Social Sciences" of Bukhara Institute of Engineering and Technology
ABDURASULOVA UMIDA SADULLAYEVNA PEDAGOGICAL SCIENCES (Uzbekistan – Namangan) - Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences, Teacher of the "Uzbek and Russian Philology" department, at the Namangan State Institute of foreign languages.