Author: Otaxanova, Mahmuda Mamadaliyevna

Annotation: It is known that one of the elements that determine the potential and skill of a creator is radif. In this article, the radif used in the lyrics of the poet Chustiy and its specific features are studied. Also, the poet's high artistic skill in using radif was studied. Ghazals with radif and without radif, and at the same time with simple and complex radif in the works of the artist "Hayatnoma", "Sadoqat gullari" are given for the first time in quantitative indicators and the ideas are proven with concrete examples. followed the traditions of his predecessors. In particular, Alisher Navoi's work, a magician of words, became a source of inspiration for the poet. A number of such peculiarities are highlighted in the article.

Keywords: radif, rhyme, aruz, divan, simple radif, content radif, double-word radif, tradition, title, nickname, artistic skill.

Pages in journal: 222 - 229