Opportunities of computer tomography in diagnostics of ureterolithiasis, 24-30

Author: Gulshod Mamatmuradovna Mardieva, Muhammad Ravshanovich Omonov, Zhamshed Anvarovich Turdumatov

Annotation: The analysis of the results of examination of 40 patients with urolithiasis by the MSCT method was carried out. MSCT revealed a number of pathological changes accompanying ureterolithiasis and ureteral obstruction: pyelocalicoureterectasia, enlarged kidney, decreased densitometric parameters of the parenchyma, edema of perinephral and periureteral tissue, perinephral and periureteral tightness, fluid accumulation around the kidney and ureter. The severity of indirect signs of ureterolithiasis has a clear dependence on the duration of urinary tract obstruction.

Keywords: MSCT, urolithiasis, ureter, calculi.