Author: Чиниева, С.А.

Annotation: This article examines different types of parental authority and their educational consequences. The foundations of raising children are laid at an age when logical reasoning and the presentation of social norms become impossible. Parental authority becomes an integral element of successful parenting. The essence of authority lies in its perception as the unconditional dignity of an elder, visible to a simple child’s gaze. Particular attention is paid to the role of father and mother as authority figures in the eyes of the child. The article addresses the common question of how to deal with a disobedient child, explaining that a lack of parental authority may be the cause of this phenomenon. Contrary to the popular belief that authority is an innate talent, the article argues that it can be organized in every family. The article examines the misconception of parents who believe that suppression is an effective form of authority. She also discusses the dangerous “authority of distance,” in which parents are convinced that maintaining distance promotes obedience. Other forms of harmful authority, such as "the authority of swagger" and "the authority of pedantry", are also analyzed.

Keywords: parental authority, raising children, disobedience, types of authority, goals of education

Pages in journal: 40 - 48